Since 2009, Kind Campaign Assemblies have taken place in thousands of schools across the world. Founders Lauren and Molly have completed eleven international school tours and release new and exciting initiatives each year such as their 19-week Kind Club Curriculum and Kind Camps.


Finding Kind is at the heart of all Kind Campaign Assemblies and programming. In 2009, filmmakers Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson set out on a 10,000 mile long cross-country journey of discovery and education, interviewing hundreds of females across America about girl-against-girl bullying. Paul and Thompson find, among personal accounts, universal truths about the pressures of being a girl and how those pressures can take a toll on our relationships with other women. In addition to the deeply moving stories that they collect on their adventure, Paul and Thompson sit down with respected experts and authors in the fields of psychology, education, and the interrelationships of women and girls. 

By entering school hallways and talking with hundreds of students, Lauren and Molly learn how bullying is evolving and the life-threatening impact it can have. As they combine their experiences and passion to uncover the harsh reality within "Girl World," Lauren and Molly learn more about themselves, the truth behind the issue and our cultures influence. The journey is sprinkled with hysterical moments as Lauren and Molly attempt to conquer the road and everything America has to offer. While there are plenty of fun moments, their emotional roller coaster around the country reveals shockingly raw and personal stories. With the goal of establishing a national school program for girls, Lauren and Molly hope to put an end to the hate and FIND KIND.

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Kind Campaign Founders and Filmmakers 

In February 2009, while attending Pepperdine University, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson joined forces. Having both been affected by female bullying throughout their youth, the young women decided to create change by giving females a platform to speak out about this universal experience. 

What began as an idea for a documentary about girl-against-girl bullying, ultimately became Kind Campaign, a multi-platform movement that has transformed hundreds of thousands of lives, friendships, classrooms and communities around the world.


What People are Saying

"[Finding Kind] is bigger than just a documentary. . . . [It opens] a dialogue about the issue and provide[s] some sort of resource materials for the schools to use."

Santa Barbara News-Press

“I love this program,” freshman Maddy Botello, 14, said, adding that it shows girls they are not alone. “I think some girls don't know that everyone is insecure.”



"[Finding Kind] reminds us about who we should strive to be . . . A dynamic approach."


"To redress the mean-girl phenomenon, 'Finding Kind' has worthy goals . . . [a] helpful tool for educators and parents."