Frequently Asked Questions


How do i book an assembly? and what happens after it's booked?

  1. Read through the ‘Book A Kind Campaign Assembly’ tab to figure out which specific program you are interested in pursuing. 
  2. Fill out the assembly inquiry form on this website. 
  3. IndieFlix will contact you immediately to provide you with more details about the assembly to help get you started.
  4. After you have confirmed your assembly date, IndieFlix will send you a contract. Once the contract is signed, IndieFlix will send you the film and a detailed Kind Campaign Assembly Guide which gives you a play-by-play on how to prep for and execute your event. The Kind Campaign Assembly Packet includes detailed instructions, a script for the facilitator, interactive activity templates, discussion questions and talking points, an assembly checklist, fundraising ideas and much more. 
  5. Prior to your assembly, IndieFlix will contact you about joining a conference call with the Kind Campaign founders, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, who will walk you through your Assembly Guide, share tips and tricks that they have learned along the way and answer any questions you have. 
  6. IndieFlix is on call throughout the entire process to answer any questions you may have leading up to your assembly!

Is there a cost to book an assembly?

Due to our global support and fundraising efforts, we are proud to share that all Kind Campaign Assemblies are free of charge. Many schools and individuals make a donation to Kind Campaign in lieu of an assembly fee, which we gratefully accept. Donations support our Free To Be Kind initiative, which continues to provide Kind Campaign programming free of charge to schools and communities across the world.

If you are interested in donating to Kind Campaign, please contact [email protected].

What is the age range for the Kind Campaign assembly?

Kind Campaign assemblies have taken place in thousands of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities across the country. There have also been many community events where people of all ages are invited to experience the film and assembly program. Kind Campaign’s message transcends age.

What is the appropriate viewing age for Finding Kind?

Due to certain content, Finding Kind is typically screened for students grades 5 and up (10 years old and up). Many elementary schools have screened the film and have had fantastic results, but we leave that up to the elementary school’s discretion. If you are interested in checking out the film prior to booking an assembly to gauge the grades that you want to include in your event, please email IndieFlix to receive an online viewable link.

Is this program just for girls?

Although Kind Campaign’s message transcends gender, it’s school programming was created for girls. 99% of Kind Campaign assemblies are with only the female student body. We have found that by creating an experience where girls can come together, lives are changed and saved and we see friendships mended and conflicts resolved. Because a lot of the issues the girls face are rooted with the boys, having the boys present can make the experience distracting and not as impactful for the girls. If separating the boys from the girls for this assembly is impossible for your school, please email IndieFlix to discuss your options.

If you have additional questions, please email IndieFlix at [email protected]

How long is a Kind Campaign assembly?

The Kind Campaign assembly is 2 hours. The documentary, Finding Kind is 76 minutes.

Is Finding Kind available for purchase?

Finding Kind is viewable by booking an assembly in your local schools, with your local organizations or at a community venue. You can book an assembly by filling out the inquiry form on this website. This process ensures that Kind Campaign is able to provide people with important talking points and activities to ensure a life-changing experience.

A couple times a year, Kind Campaign makes Finding Kind viewable online through IndieFlix’s viewing platform. Follow @kindcampaign on social media to stay updated on the online viewing dates.