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“I was at the Kind Campaign assembly at Draper Park. You guys really changed my point of view on everything. Every girl friend I've had, I have lost. This morning when I woke up I was thinking about committing suicide. I came to school today on the verge of tears. I came up and shared my Kind Card. Once I got home I realized that even though some girls can be mean and don't understand what their words can do that it shouldn't be worth dying over. Your assembly today? Yeah, it saved my life.”

-posted onto Kind Campaign’s Instagram account by a girl named Rachel after a Kind Campaign Assembly.

There have been thousands of life-changing Kind Campaign Assemblies across the world. Hosting an assembly starts an honest conversation about girl-against-girl bullying and provides students, faculty and parents with tools to inspire positive change. At the center of the assembly is Kind Campaign’s documentary, Finding Kind. Read below to find out how you can bring this award-winning film and the curriculum surrounding it to your local schools and community.

There are two different types of Kind Campaign Assemblies.

Founders Assembly:

The filmmakers and Kind Campaign founders, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, have traveled across North America since 2009, speaking in hundreds of schools and communities. As a result of their fundraising efforts, all Kind Campaign Founders Assemblies are free of charge for schools. Lauren and Molly go on two school assembly tours a year; one in the Fall during October’s anti-bullying month and one throughout the Spring, totaling at about 80 Founders Assemblies a year. If you are interested in applying for a Founders Assembly, please follow Kind Campaign on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter at @kindcampaign. You will be informed via their social media platforms when the application period is open. After filling out an inquiry form, your school will then be entered into the pool of schools that have applied. Lauren and Molly then analyze the locations of all the applicants and put together a tour that allows them to speak in as many schools as possible. Because there are hundreds of applicants for this high-demand program and because Lauren and Molly can only speak in so many schools a year, there is no guarantee that your school will be chosen for the free Founders assembly.

If you don't have social media, email with the subject: Founders Assembly Mailing List and you will be contacted when the submission windows are open.

Kind Campaign Assembly:

The Kind Campaign Assembly is our most popular and widespread program. There have been thousands of Kind Campaign assemblies facilitated by faculty and community members. Currently, Kind Campaign assemblies take place almost every day of the school year across the world. Due to Kind Campaign's global support and fundraising efforts, all Kind Campaign Assemblies are FREE OF CHARGE. Many schools and individuals make a donation to Kind Campaign in lieu of an assembly fee, which we gratefully accept.

Book a Kind Campaign assembly today by filling out the inquiry form below. After you send in your inquiry, IndieFlix will be in touch with you to start the booking process. Kind Campaign will provide your school with the film and all of the materials and activities in a detailed Kind Campaign Assembly Guide that gives you a play-by-play to ensure that you have a successful event. Please allow a 30-day window between this inquiry submission and the date you are interested in hosting an assembly. This properly ensures that the contract is processed in time and that Kind Campaign and IndieFlix will have plenty of time to prepare you for your assembly.

When you book an assembly, your school or organization is granted two viewings of the film. Many schools host the assembly during the day for their students and then host a screening of the documentary that night for their parent community.

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Find out more information about Kind Campaign at or by following them on social media @KindCampaign