About the Filmmakers

Molly Thompson

(Producer) grew up In Dallas, Texas before moving to California to attend Pepperdine University to study acting and film/television production. Molly's negative experience with girl bullying occurred in high school. Ostracized by a group of girls, she feared answering the phone, going to school, and felt a terrible loneliness. A small core of loyal friends stuck by her, and the year ended on a note of healing and forgiveness.

Molly has always had a passion for helping others and for the way film affects people and can inspire them to action, so when Lauren approached her to collaborate on a documentary about middle school bullying between girls, Molly agreed. While working together on Finding Kind, Lauren and Molly saw how open women and girls were about sharing their experiences. They realized that this is an issue that affects females of all ages, and they were inspired to launch a movement to spread the word of kindness. Kind Campaign is the result of that moment of inspiration.

Molly is thrilled to shed light on this serious issue and unite women and girls together under an umbrella of kindness. She considers herself very lucky to be working with such a close friend on a project she loves, evidence of the power of female friendship.

I have been extremely touched and inspired by the reaction to Kind Campaign and Finding Kind. It is a testament to the serious effects of this Issue and the need for change in the way we as females treat each other.

Being ostracized, criticized, or ridiculed should not be considered a rite of passage, and it doesn't have to be this way.